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DPS International School is an exceptional center for learning. It's not just a structure of brick and mortar but an institution where children can build their future by using all the available facilities and develop their personalities to the full potential.

The school campus is a clean, green expanse of 240,000 square ft. and is centrally located. The infrastructure of the school building encompasses the educational block, the residential block, the parent's lounge and the canteen. The educational block is equipped with spacious and well ventilated classrooms with modern teaching aids. The school has state-of-the art facilities for students in each sphere.

Our campus benefits from outstanding facilities including:

•  2 Basketball Courts
•  2 Multimedia Computer Labs with latest hardware and softwares
    ◦ Primary Computer Lab
    ◦ Secondary Computer Lab

•  3 well equipped Science Labs
    ◦ Physics Lab
    ◦ Chemistry Lab
    ◦ Biology Lab

•  Cultural Activities Room
    ◦ Dance Studio
    ◦ Music Room

•  Library
•  Art Room
•  Health Room with Dedicated Doctor
•  Vegetarian Canteen
•  Books and Uniform shop


Science Laboratories

The School has laboratories for different streams of science with excellent facilities for practical work. The children will get hands-on experience which will complement their theoretical knowledge.

Science is the study and knowledge of the world around us. This knowledge is gained by observation, experimentation and verification. Practical work is the most important factor in the study of science. DPSIS provides separate and very well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Block B. These labs help to bring the subjects alive, interesting and generate interest among the students. Experimentation in these labs is a regular feature of the school curriculum which enhances the understanding power of the students and makes the subject interesting for them. Students are helped to explore the wonders of science. These labs have been a very important tool in making the subject the child’s favourite.



Our Classrooms


Computer Labs

The school is equipped with two state of the art computer laboratories. The educational softwares are upgraded consistently to facilitate teaching, learning process.



The school library includes an extensive range of resources including fiction and non-fiction books, maps, journals, periodicals, newspapers and videos that support a variety of subjects for study and reference.

All students have regular access to the library, encouraging the use of the facilities in order to instil a love for reading from an early age.


Sports Facility

The School has facility to support an array of sports activities like football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, tennis, yoga, meditation and martial arts.

Art Room  

Art is taught in a specially fitted room to stimulate the student's imagination and sensitivity and tap their power of observation. Students are encouraged to express and communicate a range of ideas and feelings through the element of design using their artistic skills.

Music Room & Dance Room  

DPS International School has a  music and dance rooms and specialist music and dance teachers. All classes receive music and dance learning sessions on a weekly basis. The children enjoy music and dance classes where their individual talents are nurtured and supported.


Health Room

The School’s health room is located on the Ground Floor of the Block A. The health room is staffed by a Health Room Supervisor. The Health Room Supervisor takes care of needy students. In addition to these duties the Health Room Supervisor also organizes First Aid classes for school children.

School buses are being provided from all the areas in Singapore. The average time of commuting from any location will be approximately 40 -50 minutes.


The school canteen caters to healthy and hygenic food for the students and the staff.