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A Complete walk-in throughout Campus.

Goals Galore!

21st November 2015 was a big day for our school’s junior soccer team members who were proud to be a part of the prestigious GFA INTERNATIONAL CUP 2015 at Bukit Gombak Stadium.

We played in the under U8 group and competed against 5 other international teams. Our team comprised 12 players, and we were accompanied by a few senior students who assisted our coach and gave us tips and guidance. We all reached the stadium at around 7.30 am and we did warm up activities for an hour before the tournament commenced at 9.00am.We played 6 matches and had an impressive tally of 5 wins after we lost the first match. It was a hot day, but the constant encouragement of our coach Julius Thomas Lourdes and the wild cheering of our parents and family in the stands fueled our wins. Our best performance was against the AC Milan team and our score was 7-0. At the end of the six-a-side matches our team had scored 18 goals. Our joy knew no bounds when our team ‘DPS FC’ was awarded the second position in the tournament and we proudly received our silver medals. Our jubilation did not end there as we were feted in school the next day in a special assembly.

When we were selected for the tournament we were anxious about the challenges that awaited us, but our coach instilled great faith and confidence in every member of the team. We are now ready to accomplish greater things together and win accolades for our institution.

Nandikesh Padattil
Class 4B


Inter School Cricket Match

On Saturday The forth of August, a friendly under -17 cricket match was held between the Australian International Secondary School (AISS) and DPS at our opponent's ground at Lorong Chuan. Our team was led by Captain Anish Desai of Grade 10 ICSE, ably assisted by Vice Captain - Kanhaiya of class 9 IGCSE.

We arrived at 8 a.m. and soon things were kicked off with the toss, which we lost but we got what we wanted- Batting first. However a combination of great bowling, good fielding and difficult conditions because of the earlier rain pushed us onto the back foot. Our main order was skittled out quickly without contributing much to the scoreboard. It was a laborious innings but some good holding out by the middle order, especially Arman Kukreja of 9 ICSE with a quickfire 16, pushed us up to 68- A respectable if not great total.

All seemed lost but pep talks by our captain and vice captain lifted our spirits and we went out on the field with high spirits, full of energy, not easy to do when your defending a low total, standing in the glaring sun. Our bowlers bowled with zeal and enthusiasm, rattling late the opponents time and again.

A special mention must go to our captain Anish Desai- who not only responsibly took charge of the team, and tried to bring out the very best from them, but also switched roles between wicket keeping and bowling efficiently, giving his very best at both the roles...

Check The DPS Newsletter - Volume III for full article.


The Equilibrium was an inter school business and economics competition held at the Anglo Chinese School Independant. One of the many events that constituted the contest was Turn coat-a debate with a twist. We as participants were given an hour to prepare the topic we had chosen and then, as in a conventional debate, we had to defend and justify our views. However the judges had been vested with the power to ring a buzzer four times in the space of three minutes and every time they did so, we as speakers had to switch our view points, which was a rather challenging task. But with assiduity and the stalwart support of my teachers, I was able to emerge victorious with an armour of facts, figures and deft oratory as my weapons of choice. I am proud to say that we did our school proud and bagged the first prize. It was an experience that I will never forget, an experience that taught us the value of humility, team work and perseverance.

I The second category in which we took part was print advertisement We were given a commodity and we had to advertise it on a A3 size paper. Our commodity was shoe laces. We used coloured pencils, paints, charcoal and pastels to make three advertisements in a space of two hours. After brainstorming for a bit,we set to work.The two hours were a flurry of activities with four pairs of hands working busily on the chart papers.The first advertisement had a black coloured background with two hand prints in white tied with shoe laces. The second advertisement showed a pair of shoes with its laces encircling a globe depicting the global recognition.of the brand.. The most colourful was the third one which had a drawing of a shoe with a number of laces coming out of it,each with a different colour. All the advertisements were accompanied with slogans.We came away feeling very cheerful what with all the rainbow colours that we had used.

The third category that required a lot of histrionics was Dumb charades.We are all very familiar with the game but this one was off the beaten path.We had to enact business terms which was very challenging and a totally different ball game.On top of that we were doing it for the first time. Each team had four members and each member was supposed to pick a chit of paper and enact the words written in it. If the other members of the team guessed it right within thirty seconds, they earned themselves ten points, one minute fetched them five and two minutes, one point. The team with the highest score would be the winner.It was quite difficult since enacting business terms isn't a piece of cake. The participants were jumping, dancing, falling, running and more just to get the members to guess right specially difficult terms like Veblen goods, performance shares, liability etc. We did not do too well but the effort was well worth it.

The final category was Window dressing. We had to decorate a wall of a particular size as a background and against it display a product, in our case an umbrella for selling. The time allotted to us was just two hours. We started off by brainstorming with our friends about the design of the background and unleashed our imagination by using a kaleidoscope of colours on chart papers to make it very striking and then heightening the effect by running a black border along the margins. This was the signature style of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist as pointed out by Meher Verghese, our Art Teacher. After that we stuck two silhouettes, one of a girl and the other a boy leaping up, both with umbrellas in their hands. We placed some boxes on the floor and then on them we positioned a papier måché globe with a broad smile and an umbrella. We did our best and felt suitably rewarded when we heard that we had stood second!!

It was a very rewarding day as not only did we come first in the Turncoat category we bagged the overall second position!! There goes a saying that, some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard to achieve it. And we at school work towards making all our dreams a reality.


We felt on top of a clean and green world.

Clean and Green Competition is held every year for schools by the National Environment Agency to inspire Singaporeans to care for and protect our environment by adopting an environmental friendly life style. After the initial screening, five schools with ten participants were shortlisted for the title of Mr. and Miss Teen with Shradha Kochar of Class XI and me from Class IX in the reckoning.

The selection criteria included securing the most number of votes whereby raising awareness and spreading the message of a clean and green environment. The school helped us to secure a sizeable vote bank and we also utilized our social network to garner as many votes as possible. We had to walk the ramp wearing a formal and then an informal dress prepared by us using recyclable materials. Our skills in innovation and imagination were put to the test as we worked with plastic, foil, jute etc.to make our dresses not only relevant to the theme but eye catching as well. We were trained to walk the ramp by professionals and the results were there for all to see. The ramp walk was followed by a question and answer session where each one of us was asked a question related to protecting the environment using the 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle and reuse).

We got the opportunity of interacting with participants of other schools and exchanged our views on how we can make a difference in protecting our environment using recyclable materials. The event also boosted our confidence, as it was our maiden ramp walk. We were given only two minutes to change our dress from informal to formal. It was quite challenging but we learned how to utilize our time in a crunch situation.

The judges evaluated our performance and crowned us the 1st runners up and awarded us trophies and cash prizes for our efforts.

Another segment of the Clean and Green Singapore Contest was an Environmental Fashion Show. The enlightening part of the show was the realization that using recyclable materials for clothes saves sixty percent energy than refreshed ones. The fashion show concluded a project that was started five months back during which we learnt how to design clothes starting from the drawing board. It was very satisfying to see designs on paper coming to life in the form of beautiful clothes. We won the Merit Prize on the basis of creativity, relevance to the theme and presentation.

The Kindergarteners had also participated in the Pre-school Dance Competition conducted by the Clean and Green Singapore Contest. Their enthralling performance in costumes made with recyclable materials. stole the hearts of the audience and they went on to win the second prize. The kindergarteners had also participated in the Pre School Art and Craft Contest. This competition encouraged the preschoolers to learn about the 3'R's; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Besides using recyclable materials to create an artwork, the participants also had to describe what they learnt from the artwork. Four entries were shortlisted by the organizers from which Eugene Chauhan of class K2D bagged the Merit Prize.


On September 5, our school participated in the National Creative Percussion Competition 2009, where we had to produce beautiful music with instruments made from recycled materials.

We started off by collecting water cans, bottles, glasses, combs, buckets and a few dustbins. With the help of our art teacher Mrs. Meher Verghese, we designed percussion instruments and a special item that produced the sound of falling rain.

Mrs. Verghese showed us how to build the latter: It consisted of a cylindrical cardboard piece with incisions on the sides where rulers were inserted to obstruct the flow of grains of rice which had been poured in. This produced the sound of falling rain.

When each of the instruments was played separately, it produced a sound which wasn't music to the ears. But when played together, they created a symphony.

There were 18 students in our group and we were trained by our music teacher Mr. Anand Dhamelia, who also composed the piece we performed.

Our costumes, designed by Mrs. Verghese, consisted of white T-shirts and jeans and we used phone cards, broken CDs and rolled garbage bags with designs on them (made with chocolate wrappers) as embellishments. We made some accessories out of plastic straws, groundnuts, scrubbers and silver foil.

The auditions were held at Ping Yi Secondary School and the grand finale at Republic Polytechnic in Woodlands. There were two categories, senior and junior, and we were in the latter.

After I had made an introductory speech, the booming music of the various percussion instruments, along with the energy that we displayed on stage, left everybody spellbound. It helped that some of our teachers had come to cheer for us.

We felt we had done well, but we could not be sure about the result. As all the schools performed very well, it must have been tough for the judges to decide on the winners. After what seemed like an endless wait, we found out that our school had got the second prize. It sure was a red letter day in our lives.
Debating lofty issues at the Mock United Nations

When one imagines the United Nations in all its glory, images of international treaties being signed, world issues being discussed and solved, flash through the mind. At the MUNOFS, the acronym for Model United Nations organized by The Overseas Family School however, we participants got a taste of the real thing. As delegates from different and diverse countries, we were required to possess political, cultural and social knowledge about the countries. We were segregated into different committees and organs like the Environment, Economic and Social Council, Human Rights, the Special Conference on Health, the General Assembly and the Security Council where we discussed and debated different resolutions prepared on issues that were listed. Finally the resolution would be voted by all the delegates of the council which would decide whether it passed or failed.

Spread over the course of two days, we students got to exercise our skills of debating and lobbying when it came to formulating these resolutions, working as a cohesive group of allies and participating in persuasive, constructive debate. It was also a great way to do some social networking with delegates from different schools and backgrounds representing various countries. The MUNOFS did have its light moments as well; the more experienced delegates had ready, crisp and witty remarks to make if a resolution failed to be water proof, like comparing a certain one to a "doughnut" with a big hole in the middle!

In today's day and age, the youth has succumbed to many temptations which seem to have rusted their intellect. In an ever changing world, where "you either be there or be square", there is a certain killer instinct one must possess to be successful in life. Therefore it's absolutely vital to be globally aware and have an opinion on political and social matters. The MUNOFS was a perfect platform to nurture those very skills and prepare us to be global citizens in a happening world.

The experience was exhilarating yet humbling. Representing a whole country comes with a potent mix of responsibility and power which leaves a lasting impression on ones character. One comes to understand that it's not a matter of whether a resolution passes or fails but, that in a congregation of such diverse viewpoints it is the discussion and debate that helps in the ultimate formulation of a solution. The true meaning of a "democracy" reverberates through ones mind. It sheds some light on how difficult and tumultuous it is to reach a consensus on any matter in an organization as large as the United Nations.

The school campus is a clean green expanse...

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