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Inter House Competitions

Pitch Perfect!

On the 14th of Novembers the finals of the annual Inter House Cricket Tournament was held on our school grounds. The qualifier had been held a month ago and was an eight a side game which had to be reduced to six overs due to rain. Oasis played Glacier in the first match where both teams put up a fierce fight. Glacier opened the batting and despite having their opening batsman dismissed on the second ball, were able to finally defend their total of 63 and emerged victorious. The other match was won by the defending champion - Spring House, who defeated Lake.

The finals were held on the 14th of November. Lake played against Oasis and the teams were awarded  3rd and 4th positions respectively. In the final match Glacier faced Spring, each side hoping to win the Champion’s title. Glacier was able to dismiss Spring’s opening batsman for a duck on the 3rd ball of the innings, however it wasn’t enough to stop Spring who went on to score a massive total of 109 runs. Even as Glacier struggled to chase the huge total, they lost quick wickets owing to errors of judgement while running between the wickets. Glacier’s hopes of changing the course of the match remained unfulfilled as Spring House was crowned the champions for the 6th consecutive year. The best performer of the day was Spring’s Elton Ezilarasan who thrilled the audience with a whirlwind innings of 60 runs and also boasted the best bowling average.

Rahul Datta
Grade 11 A Level


Inter House Football

The IH football competition proved to be a Thrilling Thursday. A series of 4, highly entertaining matches eventuated, which included Glacier vs Lake, playing for the final, and Oasis vs Spring, also going head to head to book a place for the final. Here's a full summary of the events on that Thrilling Thursday!

The tournament began with Glacier kicking off the first match. A few minutes later, the first chance of the game presented itself to Mohit, who took a shot from close range, but was denied by Siddhanth. That solitary chance was the only positive to be derived from their game. Soon after that, Lake dominated. The menacing forwards created chance after chance, and got the breakthrough 6 minutes into the match. An accurate cross from Rohit was met by a powerful tap in from Kaustabh to give Lake the lead with just 4 minutes remaining. Assured defending from Lake throughout the rest of the match ensured their progress into the final. It was then time for Oasis and Spring to battle it out for a chance to face Lake in the final. Oasis kicked-off. Both teams created chances, and Spring had the early opportunity to score - a quick sequence of passes in a swift counter-attack move from defence to attack, but Kanhaiya fired wide. Soon, the balance tilted towards Oasis House as they took the lead with an interception followed by a shot, which found it's way in the near post of the keeper. From that point onwards, Oasis became the dominant force of the tie. However, in the final minute of the ten, Spring earned an equalizer courtesy of a shot from Udit, right into the bottom corner. Julius Sir blew the whistle, and the outcome of the match would be decided on penalties. After a dramatic shootout, Spring progressed, and a sensational comeback was complete.

The tie for third place was played between Glacier and Oasis. Glacier kept the ball moving swiftly, and it wouldn't be long before they got close to scoring.....

Check The DPS Newsletter - Volume III for full article.

Dumb charades

We tried not to be dumb

Dumb charades is a word guessing game in which one uses physical gestures rather than verbal language to convey what one wants to say. It was held in our school during the Literary Week in November. It was immensely exhilarating. Brains were racked, hand signals were interpreted and movie names , personalities, names of books etc. deduced, add a time limit of 60 seconds to top all that off! It was great fun just to be there. The atmosphere was electric and students were moved to the edge of their seats while trying to guess and interpret. Personalities such as Florence Nightingale and M.F Hussain were thrown at us; movies such as Gone with the Wind and Tora! Tora! Tora! were to be guessed. After all the nail-biting moments, it was Oasis House that came first with Spring trailing a close second. The keen rivalry was soon all but forgotten as we knew that it was all in a day’s game.

Priya Shreedhar
Grade 11

Stepping into the shoes of a president.

5th of November! My heart was like a machine gun firing rounds of panic at my brain. President Barack Obama’s speech to the Middle East was stained with sweat as it dripped off my forehead onto the sheet of paper. Let me tell you what I am on about; we were having the Elocution Competition that kickstarted the Literary Week and Siddharth Srinivasan and I was representing Spring House. Our house was first in line for the elocution. Siddharth’s topic was a review of the movie, 2012 and mine was Barack Obama’s speech. After a tense half hour,in which I faltered a bit and along with Siddharth collectively impressed the audience, the standings came out.. We had won! And what’s more, Siddharth ranked in as the Best Speaker and I came in at 3rd. It was a great day for the Springers. I’ll never be able to thank my teachers enough for the opportunity. They trusted us and I think we made them proud.

Sourav Roy
Grade 9
Inter-House Dance Competition

30th of November dawned with the spirit of competition and excitement in the air. It was not any ordinary Friday. The school was geared up for the Inter-House Dance Competition for both the Juniors and the Seniors. Preparations had begun in full swing only a week before. Practice sessions were both fun filled as well as hectic. We were amazed to see the number of choreographers, dancers and costume designers amongst us. The performance that stole the show was the one put up by the blindfolded participants of the Junior Spring House. The acrobatic moves of the boys and the classical dances that were beautifully interwoven with the contemporary came a close second. Thunderous applause followed each performance adding to the nervousness of the next group as the bar for excellence kept getting raised.

The rising tension finally found a release when the results were declared. All our efforts, pain and the time spent seemed worth it for the Spring House came up smelling roses in both the Senior and the Junior category.

Ishita Mary Ann John
Grade 9
Junior Achievement Newtitan Workshop

Learning a few tricks of the trade

The JA, or Junior Achievement Titan Workshop, held on the 7th of November 2009, acted as a gateway to the world of business management. From market research to capital investments, we Rohan Uppal, Shradha Kochar and I were taught how to apply these principals in “real business” situations, which were successfully presented to us in the form of online business games. Apart from the practical examples and fun activities, we were educated in the theoretical part of business via group discussions and debates. All of this was taught by working volunteers who selflessly helped us in understanding these concepts. Out of the twenty-three teams present in the workshop from seven international schools in Singapore, eight teams qualified for the finals. As the tempo gradually picked up and the competition became exciting, we, not only made it to the finals and bagged the first prize, but were also declared the “Ultimate Titans” of Singapore.

Nikhita Nath
Grade 11
The Glacier House won laurels

The Inter-House Road Relay was held on the 17th of July, 2009 in the neighbourhood of our school with the starting point being Charlton Park.

The senior girls’ race began with Simran Saraf taking the lead for Glacier. Glacier managed to keep up the lead till the end and the girls did a fantastic job leading Glacier to victory, without much difficulty. Spring finished second, Oasis third and Lake finished fourth.

In the senior boys’ race, it was Vikrant Singh who took the initial lead for Glacier which was soon lost to Oasis, and Glacier was pushed to the last position. Akil Adeshwar and Karthik Dhanaraj put Glacier back in the lead. The other runners pushed Glacier further. This “huge lead” was again lost to Spring just before the last leg. It was then my turn to prove myself. It was a heady feeling to see my friends and my house-warden screaming and rooting for me which made me sprint the last 100m to win the cup for my house in the last minute, with Ritwik Jha of Spring close behind, finishing second. Karan Razdan of Oasis won the third position and Joshua Alexander of Lake was not too far behind. In the junior category, Spring House took the lead in both the girls’ and the boys’ races.

Bharadwaj Ravi
Grade 10
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