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Transfer Policy


Transfer Policy  
1. Course Transfer refers to a student request for a transfer to another course within DPS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.  
2. Transfers will have to be approved by the Academic Board based on the academic demands of the new Course, the studentsí prevailing performance levels and suitability and residual months available after transfer.  
3. Transfer between courses shall be approved and effected within first two months of the new course commencement date.  
4. Transfer to another School (in or outside the country) is not allowed as the school has only one operational campus in Singapore. (Transfer of Course within the school is allowed)  
Transfer Procedure


1. Students (or parents) seeking transfer shall make a written application for consideration by the school, stating the reasons for transfer.  


2. The Academic Department including the relevant subject teachers shall evaluate the request based on the academic performance of the student, emotional and social suitability to the student.  
3. DPS will provide pre-course counselling for the intended course.  
4. The Principals/Head of Schools shall approve any transfer.  
5. The transfer decision shall be communicated to the student/parent.  
6. All transfer requests will be responded to within 7 working days from receipt of written transfer request.  
7. On acceptance by the parent/student, a revised contract shall be executed with the student along with the applicable fees for the new course.  
Change of Course will allow students to transfer from one course to another within DPS in the following circumstance:  

Case 1: Change from CISCE to CAIE Curriculum (or vice versa)

  (Applicable for students Grade 8 and above)  

Students who have already registered with CISCE course (vice versa) are eligible to change to CAIE. Students who meet the necessary criteria may request transfer between the courses i.e., Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and IGCSE.

 In the event of a change of course as mentioned above, a new Student Contract shall be executed between DPS and the Student to reflect the change of course and old student contract should be terminated.

Case 2: Change from one course to another within the same curriculum  
  (Applicable to all students of any Grade)  
Students are allowed to change the course within the same academic year (e.g. from Grade 2 to Grade 3) based on teacher/Principal recommendations or parent request.