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Kindergarten Curriculum

Our kindergarten aims to nurture each child’s potential, through love, care and encouragement. The early years have a crucial influence on later development and learning. Early childhood foundation makes a great difference to the future achievement of children. Whether our children become self-motivated learners and face the world with confidence, depends to a great extent on the stimulation, guidance and nurturing they receive early in life.

Each theme is taught through a unit of inquiry. Within these themes children learn all the major subject areas like Math, English Language, Art and Craft, Speech & Drama, Second Language (Hindi / Tamil / French) in Kindergarten classes. Our kindergarten education aims to promote a love for leaning. Children are encouraged to become independent learners with a whole range of skills to ensure that a firm foundation is built for the next stage of learning.

Extra curricular activities include Physical Education (PE), Practical Life Exercises, Music & Movement and Theme & Conceptual Skills.

The Physical Education teacher plans exercises, which help in developing their gross and fine motor skills.

Enrichment classes further reinforce concepts taught in class through various hands on activities.

Music & Movement lessons help to develop a sense of rhythm and love for these arts.

The child’s innate curiosity is ignited in his/her early years and he/she develops a love for learning which gives him a great head start in our kindergarten.