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DPS International School follows the ICSE/ ISC Curriculum which was earlier popularly called The Cambridge Board Exam. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations administers the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) and The Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC). The University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate established the Council in 1958. The ICSE/ ISC Examination has been designed to provide a course of general education in accordance with the recommendations of the Education Policy 1986. Students who follow it take certain compulsory subjects and also select subjects of interest from a range of choices. Socially Useful and Productive Work and Community Service play an important part in the programme. Grade 10 and 12 students take the ICSE/ ISC Examinations in March - April.

In 1952, an All India Certificate Examination Conference was held under the Chairmanship of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Minister for Education. The main purpose of the Conference was to consider the replacement of the Overseas Cambridge School Certificate Examination by an All India Examination. This meeting set the agenda for the establishment of the Council.

In October 1956 at the meeting of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education a proposal was adopted for the setting up of an Indian Council to administer the University of Cambridge, Local Examinations Syndicate's Examinations in India and, to advise the Syndicate on the best way to adapt its examination to the needs of the country. The inaugural meeting of the Council was held on 31' November, 1958.

In December 1967, the Council was registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act I860.

In 1973, the Council was listed in the Delhi School Education Act 1973, as a body conducting 'public' examinations.


The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations conducts three examinations, namely, the Indian Certificate of secondary Education (ICSE - Year 10); The Indian School Certificate (ISC - Year 12). The subject and syllabus prescribed for these examinations are varied and aimed at nurturing the unique gifts of individual pupils.
ICSE (Year 10)

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education has been designed to provide an examination in a course of general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the Education Policy 1986, through the medium of English. Private candidates are not permitted to appear for this examination.
ISC (Year 12)

The Indian School Certificate Examination is an examination, through the medium of English, designed in accordance with the recommendations of the Education Policy 1986, after a two-year course of studies beyond the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (Year 10) examination or its equivalent examination.


  • A major thrust area - networking - has been initiated. This is an endeavour to expand the horizons or such networking to address shared aspirations that lie outside the resource base of the organisation by associating (networking) with people and organisations in a move away from an "acquisitive" culture to a "participative" one.
  • A computerised version of the ICSE and ISC Syllabus booklets when completed soon, shall have internal links between subjects through related topics as well as links to external databases and resources available on the internet. The Council has been working towards developing systems for the management or information using technology such as the World Wide Web and Multimedia to enhance educational opportunities and achievements in Council affiliated schools across India.
  • The Council, in association with the UNDP, Crafts Council and other professionals, is actively considering a certification process for practitioners and teachers of traditional arts and crafts in order to regenerate the traditional arts and crafts of our country, using the traditional Guru-Shishya parampara.
  • The future of our society and nation depends upon the young people of today and how well they are equipped to take society into the next century. Hence, the Council in response is working towards a curriculum at the ICSE level that incorporates elements of study of contemporary society - building on the best ol the past, with one root in the future so that our pupils develop toolkits for a lifetime.
  • In response to the growing needs or our learners, the Council is preparing to introduce Commercial Studies to help pupils develop an appreciation of the role of the entrepreneur and the professional manager and to understand the role of business in a global, national and local context. Similarly, to help pupils develop a perceptive, sensitive and critical response to the artiste a new subject "Performing Arts" is being planned for.

UCAS noting on the ISC Examination:

The National Admissions and Accreditation agency in the United Kingdom - UCAS (Universities and College Admission Services) has recognized the ISC at par with the Higher School qualification of the University of Scotland.