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A Complete walk-in throughout Campus.

DPSIS is proud to have such a feat for its FIRST batch of Class X(ICSE) Examination.
*  1st Batch of Class X ICSE Board Examination results of DPSIS.
*  All students passed (100% result) with distinction.
*  Top three students achieved 90%.

The instauration of Delhi Public School took place at the hands of none other than the former President of India and an eminent educationist- Dr S. Radhakrishnan. Dr. Sarvepalli  Radhakrishnan a philosopher, educationalist, diplomat who retired as the head of the world’s largest democracy. The world is familiar with Dr. S Radhakrishnan as a symbol of resurgent India. He enunciated the transcendental idealism of his faith thus-

“Not justice, but love- spontaneous, uncalculating is the deepest fact of the universe.”

 Today, DPS family boasts of 148 schools worldwide. Excellence is a term that is synonymous with Delhi Public School, which is today a household name. Such trust and confidence in this chain of educational institution has grown over the years. This has been possible due to the careful nurturing of pupils into self-radiant, confident and responsible beings.

Academics have been specially been DPS’s forte. It is an acknowledged fact that almost all the rank holders are from DPS network of schools be it DPS Vasant Kunj, DPS Mathura Road or DPS R.K. Puram. With passing years new wings are added to the chain of DPS. Our ambassadors are the ones who have métier to get through all the prestigious entrance examination like- IIT, AIIMS, MBA, IIM,IAS, Harvard University, Stanford University, London School of Economics and DCE to name the few. DPS is a citadel for the academics . DPS is shouldering the responsibility to give the best to the society.

Maintaining this level of excellence is DPSIS. 91781 students appeared for ICSE board examination this year. And the results of our Dipsites for Class X board examination are well above the national average with the cent percent result. The school is in its infancy and is very well upholding the standards of DPS. Organized faculty, which has been at vanguard of the struggle for social transformation of the students, has done more than any other institution to define as well as realize its many goals.

Our students have immense potential, which is channelized by the experienced teachers and also by the close co-operation of the parents. No stone is left unturned. The ICSE result is emblematic of all the hard work that was put in day and night. Our deserving students indeed covered themselves with glory. They have sublime faith in their mentors. They make the teachers believe:

“That teacher effects eternity”

DPSIS is proud to have such a feat for its FIRST batch. It could not have been possible without the continuous hard work and endurance of our students, their parents and our teachers.

Our result is the “mirror” of high academics standards we maintain.
We are proud to announce that all the students have secured distinction.

The top rankers being:





Srinivasan Arunachalam



Lokeshwar Sastri Akkipedi



Priyanka Mukherjee


The students with highest Subject Proficiency are:






Priyanka Mukherjee



Srinivasan Arunachalam



Rishabh Jain



Aswin Narayanan



Abhishek Chowdhury



Priyanka Mukherjee



Aswin Narayanan

History,Civics & Geography


Srinivasan Arunachalam

Computer Applications


Lokeshwar Sastri Akkipedi



Srinivasan Arunachalam

Economic Applications


Rishabh Jain

Commercial Applications


Varun Gupta

Our Heartiest Congratulations to all our students, staff, and parents of Class X!

Kinder Concert

on 17th November, 2006 we had Kinder Garten concert in Paya Lebar Community Hall, which was packed to capacity.Our little ones surpassed everybody's expectation and put up a wonderful show. Mr. Parveen K Malhotra, CEO of State Bank of India, Singapore was our Chief Guest. He and his wife both admired the confidence of the children especially the little comperes.The tiny tots dressed in colourful clothes were the cynosure of all eyes. Our KG section is the flower garden of our school. It is where different blossom of varied hues and aroma bloom under the compassionate care of teachers.

Blood Donation Camp at DPSIS

Donating blood is one of the kindest and most generous acts that one human being can do for another. Blood cannot be manufactured. It has to come from one human being to save the life of another. Because of volunteer blood donors, thousands of accident victims and those who need major surgery are alive today.

The amount of blood one gives at each donation is small and it does not have any adverse effect on one's health. Blood donation is a simple and painless procedure. Donors are medically examined by the attending Medical Officer before they are accepted as blood donors.

"Please Give Blood, It won't hurt but it could help save some lives... Blood Donation Drive 2006" this slogan flashed at many places in Aroozoo Avenue.

The noble cause was organized by the Sathya Sai Central Organization in association with Singapore Red Cross Society on Sunday, 14th May, 2006 at Delhi Public School International School, Block B, 36 Aroozoo Avenue under the guidance of Mr. C.P.Kabra, the Pro-Vice Chairman of DPSIS.

The blood donation camp began at 10 a.m. Donors from all parts of Singapore visited and donated blood. Sathya Sai Central Organization also organized for bhajans throughout the duration of the camp which lasted up to 4 p.m. Food arrangements were organized for the donors and visitors. The staff and students of DPSIS participated in the capacity of volunteers along with the members of Sathya Sai Central Organization and the Singapore Red Cross Society.

Kindergarten Fun Fiesta

The Nursery and the K1s had their Fun-Fiesta on the 11th Of March 2006, Saturday at the school auditorium. The theme of the whole show was ‘PARTY AT THE BEACH’.
 The practice had started in the month of February.

The Nursery ‘Bumblebees' performed a Rock &Roll number which was a rocking success with all the audience.

The Nursery ‘Butterflies’ danced to ‘Let’s Party’. They enthralled the parents and grand-parents.

The Nursery ‘Lady Birds’ kept the audience glued to seats with their adorable ‘Mother Goose’ play and drama – MAGICAL WORLD OF MOTHER GOOSE.

The K1 'Koalas' danced to a rocking Salsa number.

The K1 'Kangaroos' performed  a thrilling dance number to foot-tapping number much to the enjoyment of all.

The K1 performed a Goanese dance .They looked absolutely adorable in their  typical fishermen’s costumes.

All the parents and grand-parents, teachers and other important guests enjoyed the tiny tots thoroughly.

Teachers' Day Celebration

In India Teachers’ day is celebrated on 5th September, in honour of the most esteemed Indian teacher and philosopher, one of our greatest statesmen and the second Indian President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was born on September 5, 1888.
The day in DPSIS started with a personal greeting to all the teachers from the Chairman of The Delhi Public School Society, Mr.Narendra Kumar – a warm and inspiring note on the changing role of teachers in the context of global learning.
The celebration in DPSIS continued with a teachers’ luncheon gathering attended by the DPSIS Pro-Vice Chairman Mr.C.P.Kabra and the Principal Mrs.Rachna Pandit.
The following teachers were honoured for their noted performances: 1. Ms. Rajni Grover (Kindergarten), 2. Ms. Rama Devi (Secondary) 3. Ms. Meher Varghese (Art teacher).
All the teachers were gifted a USB Flash Drive of 256MB, a portable flash memory card that is small enough to slip into our pockets and certainly a convenient and functional gadget in this digital age. Teachers were also given optical gift vouchers.
The party continued with a session of the enjoyable party game ‘Bingo’, followed by solo dance performances by Seema, Anita, Rajesh, and Yana, and concluded with a spontaneous group performance.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all the teachers whose contributions received special acknowledgement and appreciation

Republic Day Revelry

The students of classes 3, 4 and 5 conducted a special assembly on 26th January to mark the occasion of India’s Republic Day. The students started the assembly with an inspiring patriotic song. This was followed by ‘Glimpses of Indian History’, depicting a montage of events that led to the freedom movement in India. The children took us back in time as they dramatically portrayed the valour of Rani of Jhansi, the sacrifice of the revolutionaries Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, the Satyagraha of Gandhiji and the historic speech of Jawaharlal Nehru. The colourful costumes and enthusiasm of the children added to the patriotic fervour of the celebrations.
Our school choir also participated in the Indian Embassy’s Republic Day Celebrations and their rendition of the patriotic song “Mera Mulk, Mera Desh, Mera Ye Watan” won them accolades from one and all.

Racial Harmony Day-21st July

DPS International School, took a further step on 21st July in its effort to strengthen its role as a progressive institution that creates and encourages a multiethnic environment of tolerance and respect by celebrating Racial Harmony Day. It was celebrated with joyous enthusiasm as students came to school dressed in their traditional costumes. The day began with a special assembly in which student speakers extolled the significance of the day and reminded their fellow students of the special responsibilities that ought to be shouldered by each individual to maintain the multicultural and multiracial fabric of the wonderful island nation they reside in. Parents too, played a special role in the day’s festivities as they’d packed a special lunch of traditional food for their wards. Thus, each child could savour the taste of different parts of India and the world as pasta and macaroni, idli and paratha, noodle and pulao, were eagerly shared.

Picnic to Pasir Ris Park-Nursery to Class II

Classes Nursery to II went to Pasir Ris Park on Friday, May 21, 2004 and enjoyed every moment of it. From boarding the bus to all the fun in the park, each child had a story to narrate. The teachers, volunteer parents and the helpers made the day memorable for them. Before they left the park, the students ensured that all litter was properly disposed off in the respective recycling bins. The trip ended with the students already looking forward to their next picnic.
Blood Donation Camp

DPSIS students helped not just as volunteers, but also took part in the cultural function at the blood donation drive at the Singapore Khalsa Association on August 28, 2004. This blood donation drive was in conjunction with the Sathya Sai Central Organization, which has been helping in the recruitment of blood donors in support of the National Blood Programme, providing a venue for mobile blood drives.
Teachers’ Workshops

Workshop On Personality Development.

Ratna S. Khemani, eminent educationist, writer, social scientist and Founder Director of Centre for Personality Development, Pune, visited DPS International School, in the month of July and conducted a 2 days workshop on personality development and communication skills. Her interactive sessions with students, teachers and parents dealt with the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of an individual, stressing the importance of a harmonious balance of all these aspects for a well-developed personality. Her session focused on relevant contemporary issues such as, stress management, time management, examination preparation and efficiently dealing with peer-group pressure. The session highlighted the need to equip our students with special skills and competencies to enable them to successfully deal with their often stressful and demanding schedules. There was a concomitant focus on personal health and hygiene and the session ended on a high note of personal empowerment. The workshop proved to be a memorable one as Ms. Khemani eschewed a didactic, moralistic approach and encouraged dialogue and active participation.

A cultural programme of sound, light and music, aptly titled “Confluence”, was organized by the students to welcome Shri Narendra Kumar, Honorable Chairman of DPS Society and DPSIS and Rear-Admiral M.M.Chopra, Vice-Chairman, DPS Singapore.The programme began with the traditional lighting of the lamp and welcome song. The cultural programme included a medley of dances of various Indian states, Carnatic instrumental music and a delightful action song by the tiny tots of kindergarten. Mr Narendra Kumar praised the Principal, the faculty and the management for the progress the school had made in a short span of six months.The programme was well attended by the parents and other guests.
Founder’s Day Carnival

On 19th April, 2004, DPS International School had opened its doors to students, imparting an education that preserves the valuable features of the Indian system while adding and adopting the best practices of other progressive international systems.

The completion of a wonderful year* was celebrated on 19th April by organizing a gala Carnival. The overwhelming response to the Carnival indeed marks it as one of the most awaited events on the Singapore social calendar not only for the Indian expatriate community but also for the residents of the neighbouring localities, who eagerly participated in the festivity.

The Carnival was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, High Commissioner, Indian High Commission, His Excellency, Mr. Alok Prasad, who lit the ceremonial lamp and commenced the proceedings. A host of dignitaries – Mr. Ravi Bangar, Deputy High Commissioner, Indian High Commission, Mr. Rajendran, First Secretary, Indian Embassy – graced the occasion and made it a memorable evening for us all.

Our Principal, Mrs. Rachna Pandit extended a warm welcome to all the assembled dignitaries, parents, guests and well-wishers of the institution and sincerely thanked them for their unflinching support, trust and encouragement.

The Chief Guest’s address succinctly encapsulated the joyous spirit of the occasion as he extended his greetings and best wishes – “ I’m very pleased to be able to celebrate this happy day along with all of you. The Principal has said very nice words about the Indian Foreign Service but I can assure you that there is no happier occasion for an Indian ambassador than to witness such success in the Indian community and such bright and happy faces upon the future generation. You are one year old today and, by happy coincidence, I have also completed a year in Singapore. And I hope that you are enjoying this experience as much as I am. This is truly an opportunity for you as representatives of India to be a part of one of the best and grandest names of India, which is what DPS schools have become today. And, to be able to do that in such a wonderful and friendly atmosphere, as in Singapore, I think, is truly a great combination and hard to match anywhere...”

The Carnival commenced with a traditional invocation of the Goddess Saraswati in a Bharatanatyam dance recital. The most celebrated art form of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest of the Indian classical dance forms. Our students, under the able guidance of their teachers were able to perfectly execute its intricate movements and enthralled the audience.

The participants of the Garba were no less proficient in their art as they evoked the festive spirit of the nine days of Navaratri celebrations, when every lane and square of Gujarat and adjoining Rajasthan reverberate and resound with the music and rhythm of Garba.

Of course, the evening would not seem complete without a rendition of Hindi popular music as expatriate Indians all over the world share a passion for three things – art, cricket and Bollywood. The audience loved the pulsating beats of the next dance performance that celebrated the spirit of Indian youth.

Finally, it was time to sway to the foot-tapping beats of the Bhangra and the young performers injected admirable vigour and energy into their act, and stole the hearts of the audience.

The evening however, had a lot more to offer as there were an array of competitive events ably conducted by the Master of Ceremony, Mr. Pramod Gopalan.

The Fancy Dress Competition for 3 to 8 year olds, in which candidates had to dress up according to the themes “Ethnic India” and “My Role Model”, drew the maximum number of participants. The youngsters certainly surprised the spectators and the judges with their confidence and flair.

The Drawing Competition was for the age group 9 – 12 years and participants had to choose from the two themes – ‘Earth Day’ and ‘Cartoon Characters’.

The beaming winners and the satisfied participants etched a heartwarming scene that will be remembered by all of us for a long time to come.

The final competitive event was the ever-popular Antakshari that continued with unflagging enthusiasm late into the night.

The onstage activities were punctuated with regular announcements of the results of the lucky draws. Prizes were galore and the lucky winner of the First Prize was rewarded with Jet Airways – Singapore-India Return Air Tickets. The Second and Third Prize winners claimed Singapore-Bangkok Return Air Tickets.

One of the winners, Akshaiy, a student of Class 9 wrote to the newsletter, “I won a trip to Bangkok. I was on cloud nine at the time. I am however, yet to make up my mind as to whether to go or not.”

The queues before the coupon counters swelled as people continued to bolster their chances of winning by purchasing coupons, which could be redeemed at the food & beverages counters and the game stalls.

The crowd made the most of this rare opportunity to savour traditional Indian delicacies – chaat, golgappa, samosa, and chana bhatura among others.

The youngsters were jubilant as they enjoyed an evening of carefree merry making. They gamboled on the inflated play areas and thronged the game stalls – golf-putting (mangoes were given away as prizes), target shooting, aiming for the basket etc.

The success of the Carnival was in large measure a testimony of the collaborative effort of students and staff of DPSIS, and showcased the goodwill and support of all the parents and well wishers that buttress the school’s pillars. While the Carnival was an occasion for looking back with satisfaction and pride, it was also recognized to be a commencement – it truly marked only a beginning and we are all eagerly looking forward to years of celebration and future accomplishments.


DPS International School organized an Open House Session on 5th December 2004 for parents seeking admission for their wards in the new academic year.

The Open House commenced with the arrival of the Guest of Honour, Mr. Ravi Bangar, Deputy High Commissioner, Indian High Commission and Mr. Mohammad Ali, Director, Vasantham Central and Oli 96.8FM. The other dignitaries at the Open House included eminent guests from the banking sector, arts and cultural scene and a sizable section of the Indian community in Singapore. After a brief tour of the School, the Guests of Honour inaugurated the Open House with a traditional lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the glow and warmth of light dispelling the darkness.

choir, which ushered in a spirit of camaraderie and cheerful optimism.

After the bouquets were presented to the Guests of Honour, Mrs. Rachna Pandit, the Principal of the School, was invited to address the audience. While fondly reminiscing her fifteen years association with DPS in India, she spoke about the DPS philosophy, the core founding values behind DPSIS, the rapid strides made by the School within a short span of seven months and the single-minded focus of the faculty to shape the students into leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. C.P. Kabra, the Pro-Vice Chairman, briefly touched on the infrastructure available in DPS and outlined the future plans of the School, which was further elaborated extensively upon by Mr. Vivek Khetawat, Director, in his presentation.
Mr. C.P. Kabra also took this opportunity to announce the opening of a new branch of Delhi Public School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which would accept admissions for the new academic year April2005-Mar2006.

Mr. Mohamed Ali, the Guest of Honour, through his presence, conveyed the important message of the historical ties between the people of Singapore and India.
The parents were invited to “Meet the Faculty” in which presentations were made by teachers of different levels wherein the school’s curriculum, teaching methodology, learning goals, system of evaluation and assessment patterns were explained in-depth for the benefit of all.

The Questions and Answers session generated a wide array of queries from the audience, which were answered by the Principal.

Mr. Srinivasan, a parent, also addressed the assembly and successfully dispelled any parental concerns/apprehensions of the School.

At the end of the Open House, the visitors were requested to partake of the snacks and refreshments provided.

Sunday, Dec 05, 2004, DPS International School’s Second Open House, was by far a success and an unforgettable program that will be remembered by over 500 parents that was present to see it. The Open House Committee is to be commended for the outstanding job and the effort put forth to make it a success. Tamil Murasu and Bohemia provided Media coverage for the event.

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