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A Complete walk-in throughout Campus.
Young Writers Celebrate Nationís Jubilee

gThe Library Management Company, CIVICA Ltd and the Ministry of Education (MOE) had organised an interschool short story competition. In celebration of Singapore’s golden jubilee, the theme for the book ‘Tales of S’ was ‘Honouring Singapore’s Past’. The competition invited entries from participating primary school, secondary school and junior college students. Our school had successfully participated in last year’s contest and we looked forward to having our stories published this year as well.

Our Library teacher Ms Asmita, briefed us on the theme and encouraged us to conduct research and learn about the past 50 years of Singapore’s history. I have been living in this country for five years now and was keen to discover little known facts from the past that could inform our understanding of the present.

I did most of my research by watching videos and reading well archived digital resources online. My story titled ‘The Scorched Sleep’ revolved around the ‘Spyros’ tank disaster that took place in 1978. Our teachers had the tough task of sifting through the scores of entries to select the final ten. The organisers received 476 entries from 46 schools and soon we received the amazing news that three of our school’s entries would feature in the ebook collection. Mine was one of the winning entries and the other two were ‘A Change for The Better’ by Nikita Vattas (Class 11 A Level) and ‘The Catch’ by Prasha Maithani (Class 11 A Level).

On the 14th of August we were invited to the award ceremony for the winning entries of the ’Tales of S’ book held at Dunman High School. Before the ceremony we were given the task of signing sixty hard cover copies of the book where our stories would be featured alongside fifty other students’ work.

The event commenced with an introduction to the competitions and also speeches by the guests of honour which included the Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng. The winners of the digital story competition ‘50 Years of Remembering Our Pioneers’ were also announced and prizes were awarded. Finally, it was time for the young authors of the ‘Tales of S’ to receive the limited edition autographed print copies and the Young Writer’s Award Certificate. We truly felt like celebrities as we signed books and posed for photographs with the guests of honour. The event marked the realisation of every writer’s dream of getting published and I’m thankful to the organisers and my school for this amazing platform for aspiring authors to showcase their worth.

Trishan Joseph Fernandopulle
Class 9 IGCSE


Abbott Family Ties Mother's Day - DIPSITE wins Grand Prize

Given below is the poem that achieved DIPSITE Aryaman Mani the Grand Prize in the "Abbott Family Ties – Tribute to Mothers Contest".

My mother is very beautiful and loving person, and I would like to describe her in a poem:

"M" is for the mighty Mother you have always been
"O" means One and Only one best mum on earth to me
"T" is for the Time you spend with me
"H" is for her Happiness you gave me by praising me for all the good I have done
     so far
"E" is for Ears to listen patiently to jokes and stories of my experiences in school
     and with my friends and to all mischief I have done in school
"R" means Religious and GOD fearing, narrating mythological stories to groom me      better

Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER", a word that means the world to me.
I love you more every day! Thank you GOD for giving me such a lovely mother!

Aryaman Mani

Mother's Name: Saradha Mani
Mother's Age: 39

DIPSITE wins first prize in Reader's Digest Pen Award Competition 2008

Great Feat!
Sutanjana Sengupta of Class IX wins Fisrt Prize in Essay Writing Competition, Upper Secondary Class.

Heartiest Congratulations!!

DIPSITES arrived, DIPSITES performed, DIPSITES conquered - Clean & Green Carnival, Suntec City

Dps International School was one amongst many schools which participated in the Clean & Green Singapore Schools Carnival 2008. The CGS Schools Carnival held every year by The National Environmental Agency is a way of promoting general awareness among the youth in Singapore through dynamic and creative inter –school competitions. Unna, Geeta and  Anu  from Class XI, DPSIS actively supported the carnival by displaying their environmental project titled ‘Alternative Energy Sources’.

A series of preliminary rounds held over the last few months took DPS International into the finals held at Suntec on the 5th and 6th of Nov. An array of enthusiastic students well supported and trained by their teachers from the Kindergarten to the plus 2 level got an opportunity to interact with other school, take part in workshops, design, create and present real world projects.

The Environmental Fashion Show Competition gave a new lease of life to thrown away tin cans, plastic bottles, egg cartons, cereal boxes, phone cards … which were transformed into designer ware outfits by 14 secondary schools. Apeksha Nepal, Rimjim Relan, Preeti Vardarajan, Roxanne and Akhila of class VIII DPS International School walked the ramp with confidence and were trilled to get a well deserved 2nd runner up place.

In the Mr & Miss Teen Earth Competition Piyush Kunummal and Saloni Prasad of Class X1 were both in the finalist. They showed that their environmental intelligence matched their good looks. Walking the ramp in recycled attire Saloni went ahead to claim the 2nd runner up in the Miss Teen Earth Competition.

Not to be outdone primary school students Bhargavi Iyer. of Class V, Gopika Shaji Nair, Annanya Sen Gupta and Abhishek Kambhampati Class VI designed and presented a model of a Green School. They bagged the 2nd prize. . The main features of the model being rain water harvest, solar panel, organic garden and futuristic carpark designed with building material that absorb air pollutants.

Little Dipsites Vedanti Acharya, Aniruddha Malgikar, Arya Kaicker, Jonathan Paul, Srinjana Sriram, Chinmay Vaidya took part in an art competition.

A group  aged between 3 to 6yrs - Aman, June, Aadia, Sanjana, Ayush, Arnish, Sujala, Koena, Illina, Akshaya, Anirudh, Sahil, Moholl, Arya, Aradhya, Aditi, Vikram, Arya, and Taniya wore cloths made from recycled material, rocked to a song and brought in a merit prize.

Well done DIPSITES!

3rd Singapore National Synchronised Swimming Championship 2008 - Accolades to DIPSITE

A proud moment indeed for Aditi Nayak of Class VI. She does it yet another time where her team was placed second in the under 19 category in the 3rd Singapore National Synchronised Swimming Championship. Aditi has been a consistent performer has been consistently bringing accolades to the school. She takes naturally to the water and her agile movement coupled with grace makes one wonder of her dedication to swimming at such a young age.

DPSIS Student Enters Limca Book Of Records

gIt was indeed a very proud moment for DPSIS when Abhyarthana Anoop Pradhan of Class 2 made it into the 'Limca Book of Records'.

She made the 'hoola hoop' twirl around her waist non-stop for 2hrs 2min.
Her graceful and nimble movements belied her age. It was a feast for the sight leaving the audience spellbound.

DPSIS wishes her greater success in all her future endeavours.


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