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A Complete walk-in throughout Campus.
Excursion trip of Class 1 to Singapore Science Centre

Field Trips are important to help bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and hands-on experience. Thus field trips are a vital requirement of kid’s educational curriculum. Field trips are crucial for every student as education becomes more creative and effective through field trips. Hands-on experience produce questions and answers that help shape a child’s future. Science is very important for first graders in addition to numeracy and literacy as it encourages children to find their own answers to questions about the natural world. Keeping these views in mind, the school had organized an excursion to the “Singapore Science centre”.

The children were super excited as this was the first field trip of the year- with a new group of friends, and new set of teachers. They were all set to learn and explore the world out of their classrooms. Their eyes were gleaming with inquisitiveness as they saw various optical illusions like the magical mirror. Their curiosity was magnified as they explored the models of hot air balloons and various facts about fire. They could also enhance their knowledge by learning more about the human body, the earth and the seasons. Finally the clock ticked, leaving the students longing for more and waiting for their next field trip.

Excursion trip of Class 1 to East Coast Park

"Here we go round the East coast Park, East Coast Park,
...So early Thursday morning!!!"

On 7th June, Class 1 students had a special reason for their constant smiles and twinkling eyes. Children were super excited and thrilled as they boarded their buses for their first excursion trip of the year to East Coast Park. Singing their favorite numbers, clapping till they got tired, giggling on almost everything they hear was enough to build up the picnic mood by the time they reached there.

It was a bright day with gentle breeze and some chilled Apple juice was the perfect drink to get started. One group of creative children immediately got busy in building castles, decorating them with whatever they could get their hands on. Another group of energetic ones went running around, exploring the area and enjoying games like Fire in the mountain, treasure hunt, hide-n-seek to highlight a few. A Few thinkers were engrossed in construing their stories getting inspired by the beautiful coast line. The kids were also fascinated seeing earthworms, butterflies, and small insects around the beach. Contrary to the kids' liking, they had to enjoy the water visually from the shore as they weren't allowed to get into the water. Activities and play time were followed by snacks and interactions keeping the spirits high. After enjoying till they were actually tired and the clock struck half past noon, everyone got ready to head back to the school. Once back in their classrooms, students excitedly expressed their experience through drawings and short write-ups.

Excursions are a perfect conduit to take learning beyond the classroom. It fosters social development, peer interaction and outdoor activities. Although, most of them had been to ECP couple of times before, going with their classroom buddies was an exciting experience. Overall, it was a fun-filled, fruitful day for everyone.


Class 3 had their first excursion to the zoo on 4th June. The children were very excited since morning and were very eager to board the bus. We left our school at around 9.30 am and reached the zoo at 10 am. As soon as the children saw the entrance of the zoo, their joy knew no bounds.

They started jumping around in excitement and couldn't wait to go inside. But first, we had some snacks and juice. We then started walking towards the first stop for the tram ride. As we were walking, we saw some beautiful flamingos. Walking through the rainforest which is home to free ranging mousedeer, lemurs, sloths and butterflies amidst mighty trees and delicate ferns was a new experience for the kids. Further down we saw orangutans swinging from one branch to other. The children just loved to see the apes and their acrobatic stunts.

We then sat on the tram for a ride through the zoo. By then some of the children took out their notebooks to note down the names of the animals that they would see during the ride. One could hear the ooohs and aahs!

The children saw many animals like the Zebra, giraffes, orangutans, peacock, peahen, black spider monkeys etc. They were not ready to get off the tram and so we had one more ride on the tram.

Later we went to the Shaw Amphitheatre to watch the Rainforest Fights Show which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. They had an interactive session as well, where some of our students gave wonderful answers.

By then it was 1.30 pm and time to go back to school. The children were very reluctant to go. They enjoyed their trip and had an enriching experience at the Zoo.

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