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A Complete walk-in throughout Campus.
Our Aims and Values
          To be a class apart

           C aring
           L earning
           A chieving
           S haring
           S ocial Responsibility 

Our Mission
         A caring school where all children are happy and well motivated. Where they are challenged and achieve high standards through a fun and enriched curriculum. A school where all members of the school community have equal access to learning opportunities and enjoy growing and learning together.
Our Aspirations
         Our aspirations span the seven C's
         CARING ............ Children will be happy and secure and their achievements 
                                   will be celebrated and valued by all.
         CREATIVITY....... A strong focus ensuring that school is fun! The school will 
                                   be a bright, attractive and stimulating place to win.
         CHALLENGE.........We aim to promote challenge through high expectations of
                                   learning and behaviour.
         COMMUNITY........We value parents as our partners in education and will
                                   involve them, and the wider community in school life.
         CONSISTENCY.... The school will grow and change but we will remain true to
                                    our aims and mission 
         CONTRIBUTION....All member of the school community will be valued and
                                    recognized for their outstanding works.
         COMMUNICATION.We realize the importance of effective communication.
                                    Everyone must have equal opportunities for consultation
                                    and information.

Our Vision

  • We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the 21st century.
  • DPS students are helped to master the expanding horizons of technology as also become the repository of a deep commitment to Indian ethos and culture in its pristine form.
  • DPS students are equipped to access the best opportunities of growth and advancement by being prepared linguistically and culturally for them. The concept of enlightened citizen of the world will be the backdrop of all their endeavours.
  • DPS students will be carefully sensetized to environmental concerns, the feeling of nationalism and communal harmony.
  • Affordable cost. No deserving and talented child will find the doors of DPS closed because of financial disability.
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